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Al Scorch

Booking Agent: Craig Grossman

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High-octave, five-string-fueled country soul music…

A punk rock banjo-wielding John Prine or Billy Bragg, Al Scorch writes for the everyperson. Through his acrobatically poetic politics, hopeful tales of love lost, or cathartic takes on urban chaos, he pens rowdy campfire stories, calls for action, and draws the epic from the ordinary. Hailing from Chicago, Scorch adds his voice in a choir of other Chicago notables such as Upton Sinclair and Studs Terkel.

“The guy can probably play circles around the best of them, yet his arrangements make it sound so easy and smooth, and when combined with the thrilling sense of urgency in his punk rock singing, Scorch has already mastered a signature sound.”
-Glide Magazine

Craig Grossman, Booking Agent