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Becky and Nathan Bliss make up the critically acclaimed duo Barnaby Bright and have accumulated a dedicated following that feeds on the duo’s ability to spin storytelling into sonic treasures. There is perhaps no ceiling in sight for the heartland natives and one thing is for certain, the two have become masters of their very own niche market.

Nathan’s melodic acoustic guitar finger tapping and Becky’s effortless soaring vocals are pushing the boundaries of today’s indie folk landscape. Murder ballads such as ‘Highway 9’ and ‘Castle Rock’ seem to reign the dark and mysterious world of spooky Americana Music while ‘Just the Same’ and ‘The Hurting Times’ expose the romantic underbelly of conversational songwriting.

While exploring the seemingly limitless arena of their quirky creativity, Barnaby Bright continues to collect impressive accolades. The couple has received the grand prize at NYC’s prestigious Songwriter’s Circle, taken home “Best Music Video” awards from multiple film festivals, have been elected to Amazon’s Top 100 Albums of the Year, and most recently were hailed by the New York Times Top 20 Christmas Albums of the Year.

Touring is as much a part of Barnaby Bright as their recorded music. Their live performance summons a magical and uniquely mystical mood that is gracing the stages of reputable venues all over the US, including The Lincoln Center & NPR’s Mountain Stage. Seizing the opportunity to open for illustrious acts such as Norah Jones, The Lumineers and Vienna Tang, Becky and Nathan are hypnotizing audiences and converting new followers every day. Over the last decade, the intimate delivery of the duo’s set has become a staple in the nation’s burgeoning house concert circuit.

Barnaby Bright’s latest single ‘Spotlight’ arrives on the wings of a music video comprised lovingly of 8,000 original images crafted by animator and illustrator L. Ash. The video has already received an Official Selection from numerous film festivals worldwide.

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