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Caitlin Cannon

Since the release of her critically acclaimed debut, The TrashCannon Album (2020) and the compelling Lucky Break (2021) from her duo-project Side Pony, Caitlin Cannon has another full-length production in progress, engineered and produced by Misa Arriaga (Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson). In her latest release ‘Amarillo and Little Rock’ (American Songwriter 2022 Finalist) a reflection on life’s experiences occurs when Cannon is pulled over by a state trooper who questions her sobriety. The production is as deep and swirling as the song’s meaning and features performances by Lillie Mae (Brent Cobb) and Eddy Dunlap (The Opry Band).

Cannon, who is “generally writing most current artists under the table’ according to Saving Country Music, spent her early years in Alabama and young adulthood in NYC, has found her way to Nashville where she is lighting up the songwriting community. These days, she is leaning into her southern roots thematically without succumbing to derivative arrangements and sonic qualities.  Reaching for a new level of drama while embracing a reverberant lilt in instrumentation, the prolific songwriter has notably evolved since her last efforts and continues to ascend.

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“…Generally writing most current artists under the table.” -SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC

“If you can balance serious subject matter with just the right amount of self-deprecation, you get something both revealing and eminently listenable. Caitlin Cannon’s latest release, The TrashCannon Album, is a big ol’ bucket of country wordplay with a lethally sharp edge.” -LOST HIGHWAY

“Cannon’s songs approach the tough side of life candidly and with humor; the tales she tells are full of authentic detail. Also, she’s a top-class performer.” -AMARICANA UK

“Dolly Would Be Proud!” -SOUNDS LIKE NASHVILLE

“Forthright as they are, Cannon says that digging [is] easier than skirting the issues, or making up fictional stories… Indeed talking about some gritty issues.” -BILLBOARD

“Caitlin has a beautiful voice and a heart of gold! Her songs have a rootsy, pop-country-noir sensibility that pull us in and hold our attention.” -KATHRYN’S HOUSE CONCERTS, NYC

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, and Caitlin Cannon has stories of social injustice, family screw-ups, sexism, alcoholism and more on [The] TrashCannon Album. Sounds like a barrel of laughs, right? Well, actually, it’s hard not to enjoy, especially as she wraps it all up in strong melodies and a white trash attitude frequently under-pinned by 60s-feeling pop grooves”. -COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE

“…Ethereal, vintage-inspired sound.” -THE BOOT

“Cannon’s voice is by turns sweet, sassy, and big enough to fill an arena. She shows that not only is she a good singer and songwriter, but also a good storyteller.” -GLIDE MAGAZINE

“Such a spicy and diverse effort with such great instrumentation and varying tempers, The TrashCannon Album is like a romp through a country roots history book, and touches all the erogenous zones of the musical palette… By the end, you’re wondering if you haven’t just listened to one of the best and most cohesive works forwarded for public consumption all year.” -SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC

“All I really want to do is tell you great stories in song form” -CAITLIN CANNON

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