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Nashville-based and award-winning artist-activist, Heather Mae, fearlessly writes with her ribcage exposed. With every lyric, Mae’s raw vulnerability and electrifying sound create a profound connection, reminding her audience they are never alone.

Heather Mae, the acclaimed social justice singer-songwriter, fearlessly bares her soul in her music, creating an intimate space of shared vulnerability for her listeners. Her unbridled honesty, both on and off stage, has cultivated a devoted fanbase and garnered recognition, including accolades like the winner of the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriter Showcase and Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Artist-Activist of the Year award.

In her 2019 release, “Glimmer,” Heather Mae crafts a luminescent masterpiece, drawing parallels to vocal powerhouses Adele and Sara Bareilles. With storytelling depth reminiscent of Florence Welch, the record uniquely centers on mental health, with each lyric unveiling a portrait of resilience and self-discovery.

Positioned on the cusp of unveiling her upcoming post-pandemic double record, Mae embarked on a mission to address the stark gender disparity for music producers—a mere 4% representation by women. In 2023, Heather Mae rallied a dynamic collective of women and non-binary talents in Nashville, assembling luminaries like producer ZDAN and Lollies, alongside guest artists such as Grammy award-winning musician Allison Russell and the extraordinary duo Sistastrings. Together, they crafted two electrifying albums in two distinct genres, showcasing the unparalleled talent and versatility of women and non-binary music makers.

Leading the charge in queer songwriting, Mae is poised to make a resounding impact with both groundbreaking records slated for release in 2024-2025.

Mae’s live performances are a captivating blend of raw emotion and electrifying energy, having graced renowned venues like Joe’s Pub, Triple Door, and Swallow Hill over her decade-long touring career. Her talent has been recognized with victories at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriter Showcase and the prestigious NERFA’s 2021 Artist-Activist of the Year award. In 2022, Mae raised an impressive $52,000 on Kickstarter, enabling her to produce not one, but two records. For her Alternative-Americana record, Mae collaborated with producer ZDAN, assembling a powerhouse band of women that included grammy-award winning Allison Russell and talented powerhouse duo,, Sistastrings. Meanwhile, the pop album counterpart delves into a vibrant indie-pop sound, co-produced by Mae herself and LOLLIES (Elle King and Timbaland). With both records set for a simultaneous release in 2025, Mae will be on everyone’s radar.