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Jaimee Harris’s sophomore effort Boomerang Town marks a bold step forward for this country-folk-leaning singer-songwriter. It is an arresting, ambitious song-cycle that explores the generational arc of family, the stranglehold of addiction, and the fragile ties that bind us together as Americans.

Harris began cultivating Boomerang Town in 2016, a time of great loss for many in the Americana community, with the songwriter losing several musicians close to her. A shift in the nation’s political landscape had ushered in a new level of cultural polarization and for someone who grew up in a small town outside of Waco, Texas, Harris believed the values instilled by her parents were not entirely in line with how many were viewing, and vilifying, Christians. As a person in recovery, Harris has had to re-evaluate her own connection to faith and find strength in a higher power. It was from the intersection of these social, personal, and political currents that the album was born.

While themes of addiction and grief permeate sections of the record, it echoes hope in the face of the darkness. Out February 17th, Boomerang Town understands that love and grief are two sides of the same coin.

Boomerang Town is my #1 record of the year.”
— Silas House
“This is definitely one of the best singer-songwriter albums I’ve heard in a while…”
Blair Jackson, Acoustic Guitar Magazine
“Harris pulls off a skillful balance of craftsmanship and heart on Boomerang Town. With her moving vocals and airtight lyricism, Harris has created not only a sonic tour of small-town living, but a songwriting tour de force.” – 9/10 stars (!!) Holler.

“She’s got a natural songwriter’s instinct for hard truths, and a voice that brings them home with a visceral punch.”
-Gretchen Peters

“With Boomerang Town, Harris laments, elegizes, and finds perspective, landing, by album’s end, in a more empowered state. A worthy addition to the corpus of American Romanticism, Boomerang Town reminds us that life ultimately occurs on terra firma, even as our spirits reach for the sky.”
-Beats Per Minute

“My number one from AmericanaFest…”
-Ann Powers, NPR


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