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Little Misty is the project of singer Kathryn Samman and guitarist Francois Jalbert. Following their self-titled debut album, produced by Joe Grass and released in February 2020, Little Misty released their highly-anticipated second opus, Nowhere Land, in the spring of 2023, and hit the road with a brand-new live show.

Their music is an amalgam of styles, from folk to progressive rock to bluegrass. The result is highly cinematic music, with each piece transporting the audience into a distinct universe. Their songs tackle subjects such as motherhood, travel, dreams and mental illness, always with a “short film” approach.

Surrounded by their friends and virtuoso musicians Cédric Dind-Lavoie on double bass, Samuel Joly on drums and Tommy Gauthier on violin, they will transport you into a universe where strength and sensitivity come together in harmony to deliver a completely unique and memorable musical experience.

“With sun-soaked lapsteel underscored by gentle percussion, rhythmic guitars and lilting strings, the band lean into their storytelling strengths across the album’s 10 tracks. Samman’s vocals uplift throughout, even as fantastical songs’ subject matter turns pragmatic”

“The playing and singing are masterful.”

“Melodious vocal blending and serene instrumentation”

“The stage version of the album amply fulfilled its promises with accomplished and invested musicians.”

To book Little Misty in the USA please contact:
Denis Grabill