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“Can the world stand one more storytelling troubadour? If the artist in question is Meghan Cary, the answer is a resounding yes.”
— Billboard Magazine

Meghan Cary creates a live music experience that has been hailed as healing, inspiring and outrageously joyful. Her smoky voice, masterful storytelling, and award-winning songs garner favorable comparisons to Melissa Etheridge, Brandi Carlisle, and even Bruce Springsteen. A frequent performer at Philadelphia Folk Festival, as well as Falcon Ridge, Black Bear Americana, Woodstock, and other venerable fests, Cary’s message of unity and the power of raising our voices together infuses every show, and her song, “Sing Louder,” has become an anthem for the music-loving community. Cary didn’t mean to be a musician, but when her fiancé unexpectedly died, she picked up his guitar, figured out how to play it, and wrote her debut record, earning her Billboard Magazine’s esteemed Critic’s Choice Award. “I wrote my grief into song and sang my way out of the abyss. I keep making music to help others connect with their own stories and find their joy.” Cary continues to share the healing power of music with the community that has rallied around her message of hope and being heard, and her recent album, SING LOUDER, debuted in the top 10 on the US/International Folk DJ Chart. John Platt of WFUV extols, “These times require songs of compassion and commitment, and Meghan has several which inspire us to reach our higher selves. She sings them with such infectious joy you can’t resist joining in.”

A professional actor with a successful career in theatre, television and radio, Cary has written and performs a one-woman show, On the Way to the Waterfall, and is currently collaborating on a Broadway-bound musical. Cary released her first book, Sing Louder: The Stories Behind the Songs, on International Women’s Day 2019. In celebration of the centennial of women’s voting rights in 2020, Cary founded The River Rock Project, using music to celebrate women’s rights, inspire action to achieve political, social and economic equality for all, and get out the vote. As a musician/actor/writer/coach and the mother of two school age children, Meghan speaks to the subject of life balance with grace and a healthy dose of humor. “As soon as I think I have my story written, someone comes along and changes the setting… or the characters… or the plot. Usually all three. My mantra: “If you don’t know the words…Sing Louder!”

“If you can get to a Meghan Cary show, run, don’t walk.”

— Jeffrey Newman, Time Out Magazine