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Nora Jane Struthers

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Intensely energetic live performances; lyrical vulnerability in a blend of ’90s alt country, roadhouse blues, rootsy power pop, and straightforward honky-tonk…

Nora Jane Struthers has written “some of the most quietly powerful narratives within the new wave of Americana artists,” says Ann Powers of NPR Music. The songs that last decades and weave themselves into the fabric of listeners’ lives are usually the ones in which an artist lays her soul bare for the world to hear. Struthers has built her career on these kinds of songs. There’s an honesty and energy to Nora Jane’s stage presence; a vulnerability that is part and parcel of great artistry. In one moment, she joyfully leads the audience in a dance party… in the next, she lays her soul bare for the world to hear. A performance by Nora Jane and her band is full to the brim with stellar musicianship, unexpected arrangements that blur the lines between folk, roots, and rock, and an audible sense that everyone in the room is having a damn good time.

“…a collection of songs that adds more momentum to her profile as a rising star on the Americana scene.”
-Chicago Sun-Times

“…a real jolt of adrenaline, fueled by the contrast between searing, resonant, rock-flavored leads and fills and classic honkytonk and bluegrass lines on an arsenal of instruments including banjo, fiddle and steel guitar.”
-New York Music Daily

Craig Grossman, Booking Agent

Chyna Brackeen​, Manager
Attack Monkey Productions

Melissa Farina, Tour Publicist
MelFarina Media